What Goes into Building Your Sunroom Sanctuary?

Custom sunrooms make functional and beautiful additions to Leduc, Sherwood Park, and Edmonton homes. Whether it’s an expansive space or a cozy nook, you’ll find your own sunroom quickly becomes a place for joyful moments with your loved ones and a calming respite from your everyday worries and cares. No matter their size or ultimate usage, all sunrooms built by Ideal Sundecks (1979) Ltd, are designed to endure the harsh Canadian winters and stand the test of time. We use only the best materials to ascertain the quality and durability of your sunroom. Here’s how we do it.

The Glass

In order to ensure that your sunroom is adequately insulated, it’s important to select strong, high-quality, tempered safety glass. Depending on your needs, we’ll use glass that has one or more of the additional below qualities.

  • Low E glass. This type of glass keeps heat and UV rays out of your sunroom, allowing for better climate control within.
  • Double-glazed. Two layers of glass with air or gas in between the layers allows for advanced insulating technology in your sunroom.
  • Triple pane glass. Three layers of glass and two layers of insulation allow for even more energy efficiency than double-glazed.
  • Argon filled glass. Argon is a type of gas used in between layers of glass that is non-toxic and odour-free. It’s denser than air and provides superior insulation.

The Frame

Framing gives sunrooms their structure. In Sherwood Park, Leduc and Edmonton, they can be made from one of the following materials.

  • Aluminum. It’s strong, highly durable, maintenance free, and does not deteriorate or discolour. It’s well suited to Alberta’s extreme fluctuations in temperatures and won’t contract and expand as the weather changes. Aluminum is marginally pricier outright, but is ultimately more cost-effective as it’s a lifetime product.
  • Vinyl. Cheaper than other products but has a shorter lifespan. It’s not as structurally strong, becomes brittle in the cold and shows deterioration rapidly. It does poorly in Alberta’s cold winters, and often needs to be serviced within approximately ten years.
    Wood. Takes extensive effort to maintain. Provides strong structural support, but deteriorates rapidly unless painstaking care is employed.

The Installation

You can have the best materials in the world, but if they aren’t installed right, your sunroom will have leaks. This will cause your costs for heating to skyrocket and the sunroom to be a drafty space in your house instead of the cozy sanctuary you once envisioned. Proper installation by a reputable company like Ideal Sundecks (1979) Ltd, ensures that all is properly fitted and you wind up with a space that’s as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Get Your Very Own Sunroom Sanctuary

All you need to do is call us and the dream of having your own sunroom can become a reality. Just considering your options and don’t want to commit? No problem. Our free no obligation consultations are available to you just the same. Contact us today to make an appointment.