Patio & Deck Covers in Edmonton Also Serving Sherwood Park and the Surrounding Area

Enjoy More of Your Summer with Patio Covers in Sherwood Park

In Alberta, summer always seems to end too soon. You don’t want to waste any time indoors during this warm and pleasant season. Thanks to Ideal Sundecks (1979) Ltd., you don’t have to. We are among Edmonton’s top providers of custom patios and more.

Our deck covers in Sherwood Park can protect you from both sun and rain. That way, you can read a book in the shade or host a barbecue despite one of our common summer rains. No matter your favorite summer activity, a deck cover lets you stay outside longer to make the most of the season.

Find a Patio Cover that Fits Your Needs

At Ideal Sundecks, we don’t believe that one size fits all. We give free consultations and estimates to help you create a cover that matches your home’s color, layout, eaves troughs, fascia, and downspouts. We know you’ll be happier with a cover that aligns with your home and taste.

Our line of products includes: Patio covers, Pergolas and Breezeway covers.

You can also convert any of our covers into a sunroom.

Relax After the Season’s End

The strength of our high-quality products means you won’t have to spend your winter maintaining them. Our insulated panels are four inches thick and can withstand Alberta’s heavy winter snows. They can even accommodate multiple skylights.

Our beams and posts come powder-coated with aluminum extrusions, which means their colour will last through the season, as well.

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Rely on Our Experience and Commitment

After 35 years in the business, we know our customers prefer clean-cut professionals, carefulness around the yard and home, and a clean worksite. When you work with us, we strive to meet—and exceed—these expectations for professional conduct.

As one of Edmonton and Sherwood Park’s top custom patio cover providers, we strive to provide you with the best value for your money. To enjoy more of your summertime with deck or patio covers in Sherwood Park. Call us at 780-416-3325 today.

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Enjoy Your Summer More with a Screened Patio in Sherwood Park

Meaningful memories often come from the simplest things. For you and your family, these memories might come from relaxing on the porch on cool summer evenings. Of course, the evenings won’t be quite as pleasant if they include mosquitos pestering everyone.

Ideal Sundecks (1979) Ltd. is your top source for enclosed patios in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and beyond. We can provide your family with mosquito-free memories by installing a screened patio in Leduc. We also offer glass enclosures, in the event you want to build a greenhouse or even protect a hot tub from the wind.

Insulated Covers

With the summer sun beating down, sometimes it’s not very fun to be outside in the warm months. The solution to the problem is simple: patio covers. It’s the simple solution to several problems, in fact!

There’s no better way to beat the heat and enjoy summertime outdoors than with an insulated cover for your deck, balcony, or patio. Insulated covers from Ideal Sundecks provide maximum heat protection and can even be fitted with skylights for natural lighting. Patio covers also keep out bugs and dust for a more enjoyable experience.

At Ideal Sundecks, we provide the best in insulated patio covers for St. Albert, Leduc, and the surrounding areas. Can’t decide if skylights are right for your project? Don’t worry; they can be added after the construction is complete — we will even honour our quoted price for a full year!

Let us recommend the best insulated cover for your Edmonton area home — call Ideal Sundecks today!

Patio Roofs

While it may not protect you from all the elements, a deck or patio roof works well for unexpected downpours, UV protection, and maintaining snow-free entryways. Due to their superior design, our patio and deck covers do not leak and do not require space-limiting beams or posts.

Our Edmonton Patio Roofs are Built to Last

As one of Edmonton’s top patio roof retailers, our goal is to provide you with high-quality products. Deck and patio roofs from Ideal Sundecks are designed to last and remain leak-free year after year. For wide views and maximum space, we don’t use structural beams, but employ one of the industry’s strongest panelling systems in use today. This double tongue and groove mechanical locking system allows for post- and beam-free spans of over 16½ feet.

For additional information on patio and deck roofs, call the Ideal Sundecks team today!

Glass Roof Patio Covers

If you already have a spacious patio on the back of your home and aren’t interested in building a new sunroom or solarium, patio covers are another great way to beat the heat in the summer. Ideal Sundecks (1979) Ltd. offers patio covers made of various materials to meet your specific needs.

Our glass patio covers in Edmonton are a popular choice for patio roofing and enclosures. They come in various styles and offer an undisturbed line of sight to view the areas around you. Built with an aluminium frame, our glass roofs and patio covers in Edmonton are sturdy and structural designed to drench your home in natural light.

Types of Glass Roof Patio Covers
There are 7 main types of glass that are used in creating roof patio covers in Edmonton. Each glass comes at a different price point and offers different benefits to homeowners.

Tempered – often used for car windshields and windows, tempered glass’ main benefit is that it will not shatter upon impact. Instead, it crumbles and breaks inward to dramatically reduce the risk of injury and decrease potential hazards during violent storms. It is a dense glass that makes each panel stronger. 

Single solex – with a green tint, single solex glass is specifically designed to stop heat from entering your enclosed patio and is scientifically proven to reflect ultraviolet rays. This means a single solex glass patio cover can be used for sunbathing all day long with reduced health risks. 

Triple pane – using 3 panes of glass is the same as using insulation panels. Triple pane glass makes it difficult for heat to escape, and they contain inert gas between the layers for extra insulation. 

Double pane – used for extra efficiency and insulation, double pane glass is great for patios that are used all year long. They keep heat in during the winter and reflect sun rays in the summer. They also have an inert gas between layers for extra insulation. 

Single pane – generally the cheapest option, single pane glass is quick to install and easy to replace but not recommended for use over long periods of time. 

Laminated – a safety glass made of 2 layers that keep together even when cracked, laminated glass is held together with a high-strength interlayer sheet. This sheet prevents the glass from breaking into sharp pieces to reduce chances of injury and problems with storms. 

Low-E – the most environmentally friendly type of glass, low emission glass panels are chemically coated to allow light into a room but keep harmful rays out. The main benefit of Low-E glass is that it acts as an obstruction to ultra violet rays. Available in a variety of tinted colours, it is the most expensive glass available.

Get Your Glass Patio Cover

Glass roofs and patio covers provide you with many benefits including additional curb appeal, unobstructed views, and more. They can be customized to include windows, doors, and different colours of aluminum frames so you can have your personal relaxation spot match your vision.

If you’re interested in adding one of these chic and elegant structures to your home, contact Ideal Sundecks today so we can go over the deals for your new glass patio cover in Edmonton.

Commercial Patio Covers

When you’re outside in a public place you don’t want to be constantly shielding your eyes from the sun or worried about rain coming down suddenly. And if you don’t want to worry about this, why should your customers? As a business owner, you’re always focused on the customer.

With the onset of summer any pub, bar, restaurant, or other business that has outdoor seating will receive overwhelming request of reservations to be seated outside. A business should always be well prepared for such requests, and it’s essential that your customers feel comfortable utilizing that space.

One way to make sure your customers enjoy their outdoor experience is with commercial patio covers. Sherwood Park business owners can rely on Ideal Sundecks (1979) Ltd. for exquisitely crafted and amazingly sturdy patio covers for outdoor seating areas. Call us today to get a free, no-obligation quote on these services.