Keep a Slice of Summer Always On with a Solarium in Your Edmonton Home

As winter approaches, many people opt to stay indoors rather than face the grey and cold outside. If the thought of facing another long winter season fills you with mixed emotions or feelings of dread, why not hold onto a piece of summer by bringing it indoors? Solariums in Sherwood Park can add a bold design detail and plenty of curb appeal to your home. These spaces welcome warm sunlight into your living space, giving you the perfect place to create an oasis in the winter.

It may be cold and dreary outside, but indoors you can enjoy lush greenery and warmth in a brand new solarium. Create the perfect place to curl up with a book, enjoy your morning coffee, or welcome guests to admire your garden. Ideal Sundecks has been helping families across Edmonton and Sherwood Park create solariums that suit the architecture of their homes and fit seamlessly with their lifestyle. Improving the year-round comfort in your space is our top priority and we would be happy to discuss your design goals and hopes for your new sunroom or solarium.

If you want to make the space all your own, here are a few of our favourite ways to personalize your new sundeck:

  • Garden: One of the biggest advantages of solariums is the ability to create a sustainable green space in your home. Plants bring fresh oxygen, life, and beauty to a space in their own unique way. Caring for your garden is a personal process and the way you pot, arrange, and select the plants for your solarium can help make it yours while bringing it to life.
  • Great Seating: Comfort is key to fully enjoy the warmth, light, and beauty of your new sunroom. Select furniture that is inviting for the whole family to sit on. Try selecting pieces that have a lower profile so that the fantastic sightlines outdoors are not obstructed. Keep in mind that the soothing natural light can fade certain upholstery and fabrics.
  • Statement Pieces: This new space is the perfect area to experiment with a few new interior design ideas. Have an antique piece that doesn’t fit anywhere else? Dying to add a splash of colour with great throw pillows? Maybe you have always wanted a beautiful sculptural piece to admire. This space can be the perfect area to highlight a special décor element. Be sure to make the area usable by balancing the high-impact décor with less precious pieces that are functional in the space.
  • Soft Lighting: The sun sets earlier in the winter months, so although you won’t need much lighting during the day, the space will still need some strategically placed lamps. Select soft lighting, reading lamps, and bulbs with warm undertones to keep the area welcoming through all hours of the day.

Enjoy Your Solarium in Sherwood Park All Winter Long

Ready to transform your space and create an indoor sanctuary that will take you through each season? Ideal Sundecks offers expertise from years of experience. With personalized services and trusted advice, our team can design and build the sunroom or solarium of your dreams.

Request a free quote today for your solarium in Edmonton or call us to discuss your vision at 780-416-3325.