Adding a Solarium

Everyone needs a sanctuary, and a solarium or sunroom offers you a pleasant place to soak up the sun while you recover from a long day or to simply enjoy your yard’s beauty. Ideal Sundecks has been designing and building sunrooms, solariums, decks, and patio covers for over 35 years, and offer consultation to each customer, customize each product for each customer, and provide estimates for free.

This outdoor structure is also often referred to as a solarium, patio room, patio enclosure, conservatory, or Florida room. While these terms can be used interchangeably, the words solarium and sunroom do define different structures. A solarium features a “modern” style of architecture, and is comprised of a glass roof and walls. A sunroom is a general name that a builder or architect identifies a room with very large windows or even a wall of glass. It can be addition to your kitchen or family room, a glass-in porch or deck, or a separate structure that acts as an extension of your home with its own entry and exit.

A solarium’s key benefits are allowing you to feel like you are outside while providing complete protection from the elements (including mosquitoes, rain, snow, and the scorching summer sun), with an unobstructed view of your outdoor space and sky through a glass roof. Because solariums invite more light inside, they offer a number of benefits:

  • Health: Solariums give you a comfortable place to get some Vitamin D, which your body needs and produces with exposure to the sun. Vitamin D can physically fight off winter gloom and depression.
  • Personal enjoyment: A solarium provides readers and thinkers with an excellent nook.
    Family fun: Solariums give you a bright, fun place for yoga, reading, and family activities – add a pool or hot tub in your solarium for more fun.
  • Growing plants: You can provide the moderate temperatures and sunlight your plants need with a solarium all year round.
    Resale Value: The return on investment can average between 89-115 percent of the original solarium cost.

As for location, that depends on what area you live in and how you are going to use your sunroom.

  • Northern Exposure: Provides a lower level of sun with partially shade most of the day. A heating system may be required in the north, in the south this is good for the hot season.
  • Southern Exposure: Allows the most sunlight in in the north where climates are cooler. However, in the south these can heat up a lot, requiring a cooling system.
  • Eastern Exposure: Provides just enough sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon – perfect for a scenic morning breakfast or exercise room.
  • Western Exposure: Provides afternoon sun exposure and is best for the sunset views.
    Ideal Sundecks has extensive experience in custom-designing, building, and installing durable three-season sunrooms or four-season sunrooms and solariums to provide your family with mosquito-free memories you are looking for around your home – any season of the year.

Visit our showroom for ideas, and for additional information on solariums, call the Ideal Sundecks team at 780-416-3325today, and enjoy more of your home in Edmonton, Leduc, and Sherwood Park.